These stainless steel parts are suitable for highest demands and can be supplied with various surface qualities on request. Sand blasting, brushing and polishing are but a few methods, which are used on customer request.

Due to the very competitive wage costs in China we are able to offer to our small and medium-sized customers access to first-class moulds and, at the same time, low-cost moulds, which are able to produce exclusively high-class casting parts made of stainless steel. On request, these parts can be machined afterwards, using high-end CNC-machines. All our production companies boast a very extensive range of machines. These flexible machines of the latest generation guarantee that every request as regards machining can be met.
In addition, all possible high-quality surface finishes can be supplied on request by using various processes like sand-blasting, brushing, electro-polishing, manual polishing, etc.


  • Motorcycle
  • Automotive
  • Machine building
  • Lighting technology