• Aluminium die-casting

    These aluminium parts meet the highest demands and can be machined down to µ-exactness on request, so that these components can be processed right away in an assembly line. Any machining is carried out strictly according to drawings supplied by the customer.

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  • Plastic injection moulding

    These plastic parts meet the highest demands and can be supplemented by inserting components, which are integrated, accurately fitting, in the moulding process. The components are produced strictly according to drawings supplied by the customer.

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  • Stainless steel-moulded-parts

    These stainless steel parts are suitable for highest demands and can be supplied with various surface qualities on request. Sand blasting, brushing and polishing are but a few methods, which are used on customer request.

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  • Design-support

    Our technicians can support any customers, who have no access to CAD-systems; they can also produce drawings on request, because the basis for all worksteps and components is a drawing, which serves to check on location dimensions and quality of the components produced.

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Welcome to ALKU-TECH GmbH

Our aim is to support customers in Germany and Europe in making accessible all the advantages for purchasing by using qualified and certified suppliers. The main focus of our activities thereby is the acquisition of cost-saving aluminium die-casting parts, injection-moulded plastic parts or parts made of special steel casting, as well as parts made of stainless steel casting, besides other components made of aluminium, plastic and stainless steel, manufactured by various European and Asian production companies, for which we are the acting agents in Europe.

The production companies we represent manufacture all moulds themselves and produce, or injection mould, components/products according to drawings supplied by our customers by using the newest technologies. We have our own quality-assurance at every respective producer’s place, which guarantees that only exclusively conforming and usable parts / products are delivered to the customer. Our support comprise chiefly the following services:

  • Communication with production companies
  • Design-Support
  • Quality assurance at every manufacturing site
  • Logistics / Delivery service
  • Stockkeeping in Viersen